Virtual University Short Course Admissions

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Virtual University Short Course Admissions

Virtual University has introduced Certificate Course(s) for professionals working in the industry as well as for the public at large. The purpose of these is to retrain professionals in new emerging areas of Science & Technology as well as provide the public with an opportunity to learn basic subjects which may be of general interest. Certificate Courses are offered in five disciplines: Computer Science, General Science, Humanities, Management and Mathematics.


Each Certificate Course comprised of one semester duration (18 weeks).


Candidate can read, write and understand English language and there is no restriction on age, sex and educational qualifications. Candidate can apply for admission to maximum four (04) courses during a semester. However, students already enrolled in a Virtual University degree/diploma program are ineligible for admission towards certificate course(s).


The University mail a package of educational material comprised of VU Info pack, Lecture handout, Lecture DVD’s to the admitted candidate. A student is allowed to change his/her enrolled certificate course within fifteen days after the commencement of semester by providing application (signed hard copy ) to Registrar, Virtual University of Pakistan, M.A Jinnah Campus, Defence Road, Off Raiwind Road, Lahore, Pakistan or at ( Such student is required to replace the received package (if already received) by mailing Lecture Handouts & Lecture DVD’s of the course along with payment of Rs.100/- as shipment charges to VU Bookshop ( in order to receive new opted course material. However, overseas students are required to pay actual additional shipment charges for newly opted course.


The students’ study progress evaluation mechanism is based on continuous assessment throughout the semester by giving assignments, online quizzes, Graded Moderated Discussion Boards (GMDBs), mid-term and final term examinations.


The University has offered the following Certificate Courses in five disciplines for Fall 2013.

  • Computer Science
  • General Science
  • Humanities
  • IV. Management
  • Mathematics

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