Mr. Bean Embraced Islam

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Mr. Bean embraced Islam

There is a hot rumor these days which I just noticed that the famous comedian of all the time, Mr. Bean has embraced Islam. Mr. Bean’s original name is Rowan Atkinson and he belongs to United States of America. For a long, his movie series, Mr. Bean has been dominating the hearts of the people all parts of the world.

Now this famous comedian and one of the finest actors ever has embraced Islam. A lot of controversies, although have been seen regarding his religion’s change. Various people are sharing and spreading the news via their social media profiles and this hot news has jumped into the top news of all the time in Europe and America.

According to various sources, the news is not yet confirmed, but some of the authentic sources say that it is true. Even the close relatives and friends of Mr. Bean are of the view that he has had been really interested in Islamic books and Sunnahs for many years. He used to spend his time reading spiritual and holy books. They also view that his decision of embracing Islam is a result of a long time positive impression of this religion onto his mind. Various times he came across Muslims who treated him politely and told him the benefits of Islam. All this led to him to seriously think of changing his religion.

Mr. Bean himself has viewed that, “the starting point for my objections to this Bill is to argue with its supposedly inarguable premise: the ooh Yes Religious Hatred, that sounds like a bad thing, let’s have a law against that. As hatred is defined as intense dislike, what is wrong with inciting intense dislike of a religion, if the activities or teachings of that religion are so outrageous, irrational or abusive of human rights that they deserve to be intensely disliked?”

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  1. M Samiuddin khan October 26, 2013 at 2:05 pm - Reply

    Mashallah,, Mr bean welcome in Islamic world,, from comedy to reality,,
    Allah help u and us..
    dawat e islam, sami khan..

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