Metro Shopping Mall in Faisalabad

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Metro Shopping Mall Faisalabad

It is a common observation that our ladies are crazy for shopping. So, whether it is a matter of window shopping or spending some money, Pakistani ladies always look for the best choice to go with.

Faisalabad is considered the Manchester of Pakistan. This city is one of the most populated and largest cities of Pakistan. By no means, Faisalabad is behind in the race of shopping competition and providing the facilities to the citizens.

Here we can see many shopping centers but the most favorite of them is Metro shopping mall. Metro shopping mall was established in January 2009, keeping in mind the requirements of Faisalabad people.

It is situated on Sargodha Road, constructed in a vast land. From needle to a car, you can find every thing here. This huge store has more than two thousands different items for its visitors and shopping lovers. Almost all the big and well known brands of all varieties can be found at this giant shopping center. So, you can find all the necessities of life from this one place.

So, this is one stop destination for buying the daily needful items. You can find utensils, eatables, outfits, cycles, motorcycles and almost all the necessities from this place.

But when I visited metro, I found some drawbacks while shopping here. For my readers’ information and knowledge, I would like to mention those drawbacks here.

  • I have noticed that shopping at metro is not open for all the people. I mean to say they allow shopping only to the members having metro shopping card. It means an ordinary person having no shopping card is unable to enter metro. It sounds somewhat strange to me.
  • We can not buy anything here if we have credit cards. Their cash and carry counters only accept cash payments. So, it is my advice to those who are bringing their credit cards to metro, to have some cash in their pockets as they would not let you shop on credit cards.
  • If you have a low budget, let’s say lower than 2000 rupees then you can not make a purchase here. I am surprised to know that this big shopping mall is only welcoming those who are willing to spend over 2000 rupees. But what if a person is not willing to spend that much here? It means he can not buy anything here? Its another drawback I noticed during my stay at metro.

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