Energy Crisis at Its Worse in Pakistan

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Energy Crisis in Pakistan

Most annoying crisis Pakistani nation is facing these days is Shortage in electricity supply. Pakistan is being faced by an enormous power crisis.  It has been almost more than 2 years, but no solution has been found till day. We haven’t seen any planning to sort out the problem of power supply.

This crisis is locally known as load shedding or blackouts. This crisis has been a great hurdle in the daily routine of Pakistani people. In the last couple of years this problem has become severe. Energy crisis seems to be undefeatable in Pakistan in the near future. Proper understanding and implementation of correct policies is necessary on the priority basis.

The energy crisis is not only a difference between supply and demand; it is actually the consequence of mismanagement of the economic sectors of the country. Instead of resolving this power crisis our managers are busy on increasing tariff having to believe it will remove the debts They are paying no attention to increasing theft. Line losses in Hyderabad, Khyber pakhtunkhwa and Karachi have increased up to 40%. The power production of diesel and furnace oil has increased.

During summer demand of electricity increase every year and it cannot be fulfilled by any source. Billions of rupees have been submitted under debt, but hydral projects of giving cheap electricity are enduring due to shortage of funds in development sectors. Why our Government have not taken step to generate electricity from hydel power resources.   Import of diesel and furnace oil will increase the import bill and value of rupee would further decrease, and it will leave bad impact on our national economy. Electricity can be produced by the natural gas but our government gifting it to industrialist.

This situation cannot be seen in other neighboring countries. India use 39% of its natural gas resources for electricity generation and in 2011 it increased to 53%. In Bangladesh ratio of power generation from natural gas has reached to 42% in 2011. Unfortunately in Pakistan, the ratio of power production from natural gas reduced. The existing electricity is also a result of high oil prices.

If this situation persists then Pakistan should prepare itself to deal with it, because there is no alternate cheaper solution available. The development of new gas fields and coal mining should be utmost priority. Unfortunately all major sectors of our country are under mafia. Be it commissions or finance or revenue officers and managers of planning, their salaries increase when value of rupee decrease so why should they care about it!

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