Drugs, Addiction and Smuggling in Pakistan

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Drugs Smuggling in Pakistan

During the past few decades, there is a huge increase in the number of drug addicts in our society. Drug addiction is the uncontrolled and compulsive use of drugs for longer period. This increase in drug addiction is a consequence of drug smuggling. Drug smuggling means the illegal trade of prohibited drugs across the countries. The illegal trade started in the 19th century between china and United Kingdom. Prohibition of the addictive drugs was come to known at the end of the 19th and start of the 20th century. Drug smuggling is a big issue of today’s world and is widespread in third world and even in developed countries.

The prohibited drugs usually smuggled and used include Heroin, Cocaine, Morphine etc. Cultivation of these drugs is done largely in the Afghanistan. Other drug cultivation countries are Myanmar and Lao people’s democratic republic.

Illegal drug trade grounds serious social and economical problems for the countries involved in import or export of these drugs. Use of prohibited drugs has extremely negative impact on individuals and societies. People using these drugs are involved in certain criminal activities like robberies and even murders. Increase in the number of beggars in the societies is also because of drug addiction. There is a widespread increase in the diseases like HIV and Hepatitis during last few years because of the sharing of needles by injected drug users.

All over the world there are harsh penalties for illegal drug traders like putting in the prison for longer period of time or for whole life and in some cases death penalty is also given. Type of penalty given to these traders is depends upon the type and distribution of drugs. Different countries have their own rules and penalties for drug traders.

Control on the illegal trade of drug can only be done by cooperation of the local and international authorities. People involved in this trade must be treated unsympathetically and strong penalties must be given to them so that others can learn lessons from them and do not get involved in such activity. Counseling of the drug addicts can help them to leave drugs and can get them back towards normal life. Creating awareness in the societies can also be helpful in controlling the use and illegal trade of drugs. Media should play their role in creating awareness against the problem in societies.

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