Pakistani Niqab Fashion

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Pakistani Niqab Fashion

Usually word ‘niqab’ is taken on conservative meanings which is not the case. This is quite a wrong picture of Pakistani women in the world. Anyone anywhere is free to cover herself; no one is bound to follow others. Pakistan is an Islamic state and Islam is not as strict as it is being portrayed by foreign people. Islam is a modest religion and it allows its followers to live their life in a good way but within certain limits. So, it should be removed from the minds that Pakistan is a strict state. You will see every type of people here, some with niqab and some without niqab.

There is not a single fashion in niqab style in Pakistan as it varies from elite class to middle class. Some women take shawls from head to toe according to the religious need while some take scarfs and wear abayas just for fashion. The veil is the word that is used for niqab. It is simply covering yourself entirely or just your head for many reasons. Some women and girls use scarfs for niqab purpose. Final words cannot be said about niqab in Pakistan because there are mixed people living in our country.

While some use veil as fashion symbol. There are a wide variety of veils which are used by Pakistani women. Some use as a religion obligation while some use to save themselves from  changing in the environment. Another word used for veil is niqab which has a lot of depth in its meaning. Niqab is of several types like from head to toe covered or just head covered. Some traditional people do head to toe niqab whose purpose is religious offering. On some sides of Pakistan, full covered niqab is used in which merely eyes are visible. In urban areas, niqab is mostly according to fashion and dress needs.

A number of brands are available which are highlighted such niqab with the help of renowned fashion designers. You will see different styles of the niqab in different areas. Most women in urban areas use niqab which goes with their dresses. In colleges and universities, there are some girls who take scarfs or abayas with full fashion sense and in covering meanings too. The most important thing is an age factor as it has great effect on niqab styles. This thing cannot be ignored. So, a diverse attitude is seen in Pakistan related to niqab.

Taking niqab or veil is not a bad thing. It is thinking of different people with different minds. You cannot follow them. Niqab is in use by many women in Pakistan in broader meanings. Pakistani niqab fashion is diverse as there are omens of every age and of every category. Each style is unique and different from the other. Any of them can be adopted by anyone as there are no such restrictions in Pakistan like in other foreign countries and even in some other Islamic states.

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