Hassan Jahangir and his song Hawa Hawa

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Hassan Jahangir Hawa Hawa

Hassan Jahangir is a Pop singer from Pakistan and has gained a lot of fame during his singing career especially from his song “Hawa Hawa” in the era of 80s. In this time, he also sung many hit songs like “Hatto Bacho” and “Shadi na Karna Yaaro”. Hassan Jahangir has released his first music album in 1982 after the launch of that music album; he did not gain that much fame which he was expecting. But his second album “Hawa Hawa” becomes an internationally recognized and hit album which gave him a lot of fame and his fan following increased.

It was also liked by the neighbor country India and Hassan Jahangir sold 15 million copies of this album in India. This album and specially the song Hawa Hawa gave him unbeatable and exceptional popularity in India, Pakistan. But it has been remained in dispute that the song Hawa Hawa sung by Hassan Jahangir, was basically a copy of an Iranian singer’s song “Havar Havar” by Kourosh. But no doubt, Hassan Jahangir has got a deserving fame as he did a lot of work on the composition of his all songs.

Hassan Jahangir is one of those people who use to create competition and set a niche for them selves with their talent and abilities of getting the things done in most suitable and perfect way. He has performed in many live concerts in all over the world and use to make a huge list of fans in all the countries he visits. Hassan Jahangir is very good is giving a powerful touch of his voice to the lyrics of song to make it more powerful.

After getting too much fame in its time of 80s, Hassan Jahangir never succeeded in giving some other hits to his fans and he was going to a down fall and was experiencing unresponsive time when he got offer from an Indian film producer. Now, this year will be another pleasing year for our beloved singer, Hassan Jahangir. All Pakistani and Indians fans of Hassan Jahangir were deliberately waiting for this new hit by Hassan Jahangir prior to its release. Hawa Hawa is once again coming with its some of remixed version to give more please to its listener.

Indian film producer was in talk with Hassan Jahangir from 2009 for remixed version of this popular song. It will become a part of Indian film “4084” which has Naseerud Din Shah, K. K. Menon, Atul Kulkarni and Ravi Kishan in its staring. Hassan Jahangir has now returned from India to Pakistan after recording of Remixed Hawa Hawa. They have made some musical instrumental changes in the song while the lyrics are more likely to be same. Hassan Jahangir, with out any doubt, will give some thing very appealing to his listeners in form of “Remixed Hawa Hawa”.

Hassan Jahangir has shared his views to his fans as, “I have completed it by the grace of Allah and hoping to receive more response from my fans”. Previously it was 80s when Hawa Hawa made its place in the heart of people, yet it has be proven that Hassan Jahangir’s Hawa Hawa has not lost its identity and it still has power to appeal the people of India and Pakistan. But this time this song will come with some contemporary changes to make it fit according to the current music choice of listeners. Hari Om Sai Productions is going to release the movie “4084” very soon and they have approached Hassan Jahangir to sing remix version of Hawa Hawa. The most notable thing is this song can not be claimed as original as reports have told that this would be the Re-Created and Remixed version.

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