Pakistan Population Growth Rate

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Pakistani Population

Pakistan is one of the largest population country. With the country like Pakistan where basic living needs are not being provided to every citizen still, this population rate is alarming. The population was 33 million in 1950 and at that time Pakistan was ranked as 14th on the scale of the most populated countries.

Now this is increased and has become 180.71 million which is at number six on the scale now. In terms of land area, Pakistan is occupying a 34th place on the scale and sharing only 0.6% of the total land area of the world. According to world population record, each family in Pakistan has an average of 3.4 children. Recently, Pakistan’s population has increased by 2.03%. It is indicated that if this rate of population continues then after some years Pakistan will occupy fourth place in world’s top populated countries list. And if this will happen then the land area will become less to live and the living conditions will even become more miserable. This is the point to be noted.

There is a need for attention in this regard. Governments should make effective steps to overcome this situation. Either they should increase their resources or they should control this growth rate and awareness should be made in this regard.


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