Stage actress Nargis’ house attacked in Lahore

admin November 4, 2012 1

In recent times, the well-known stage artist, dancer and anchor Nargis conducted a press conference and declared she has spaced out and away each other from the showbiz and media. Nargis has shown a desire to lead her life in Islamic way and learn Islamic studies. On Friday at her house, people saw a mysterious activity out there; it had been released fire by unrecognized men for frightened her.

The information came from the eye witnesses, later to this incident  the spot escaped by the attackers. At Nargis’ house, it has opened fire by the unknown persons, however no one harmed in this happening.

Why did this attack condemned?  Not exposed it but seems some information and reports which would show the truth early. Recently one thing, it has been avoiding discussing about associations with rental killers by the Nargis.

She told openly on several TV channels on 24th October, she had come back to her religion, and regretted her performance from Allah.

She announced, after taking an oath on the Quran, she will not be in any kind of relation to work with stage, TV or showbiz media. And she has out of her in this race for success, charm and famous lifestyle.

She said, to take a long turn to Islam, she is getting the help of Maulana Tariq Jamil, who is a famous Islamic scholar.

In this sequence to follow the Islamic values, she said, it’s taking place covered her head and hair with the scarf and almost immediately attend the classes of Islamic course. And become an Islamic scholar.

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