Glow offers 500 SMS messages per day in Pakistan

admin September 28, 2012 0

The need of more and more SMS is a very common urge of each and every person who loves to send SMS every day. All those people who make use of SMS to contact their friends would always want to have the plan where they can send plenty of SMS’s daily. But due to the restricted number of SMS options provided by the current operators available in Pakistan, the teenagers and strengths are left with no choice to make use of more number of Sims to continue sending SMS to their friends. It has always been a problem to all those people who send more than one hundred SMS every day. They also have to keep switching the Sims to continue the chat with their friends.

But this won’t be a problem anymore as Warid Glow has introduced a new and the most improved SMS and also the mobile Internet bundles. This is for all those who are using super dosti package in Pakistan. Now you will be able to send about 500 SMS is to your friends, with any network available in Pakistan. You just need to pay rupees 1.50 per day to get this service.  You will also be able to enjoy the options of unlimited mobile Internet for a price of rupees 10 per day.

Super dosti package is offering 11 family and friends numbers which also includes one special number which would be super dosti number. The specialty of this offer is that, the super dosti number would be offered with free forever. This wonderful package is considered to offer one of the lowest family and friends call rates all over the networks for the prize of just 45 paisa’s for every 30 seconds. If you like to have the monthly subscription of super dosti number then, the charges would be just rupees 10 every month. While the user would be charged with rupees one for the first call to any of the family and friends or the super dosti number every day.

If you’re residing in Pakistan and would like to activate this package then all you need to do is send an SMS ‘ super’ to the number 7777 or you can call the number 100 to know more details.  If you want to activate the SMS package of 500 SMS, all you need to do is send a message of ‘Glow 500’ and send it to the number 7777.  To activate the unlimited mobile Internet package then type ‘DM’ and send it to the number 7777.

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