Ayesha Sana exposed her second marriage

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She was, during all these years, refuting the marriage rumors but now, she herself has come up with a claim of marriage with Mirza Yousaf Baig. Ayesha Sana, according to details of press conference, claimed that Yousaf Baig Mirza married her in 2003 and they had been meeting since then secretly, as Mirza had begged to keep the marriage secret. Sana who had already one child Ahad from her first husband now carries Mirza’s child as well. She went on saying that Mirza has always asked her to keep it secret and told that he can not disclose this marriage as his social circuit does not permit it on this point of time.

Addressing to journalists, Ayesha sana showed evidence of her marriage with Mirza and told that Mirza has divorced her as his first wife Jameela and his daughter has forced him to do. Ayesha Sana, the reason why millions of hearts beat, is now mother of two children Ahad and Musafa Mirza. Mustafa was born in New York last year. She told that she is continuously receiving the threatening calls from Jameela. It is interesting that Jameela is also divorced wife of Yousaf Mirza and illegally living with her ex-husband.

Ayesha, a law graduate of Kinnaird and University of London has, in her press conference, revealed that for the sake of authenticity DNA test was also taken to avoid allegations after divorce, which has also proved that Mustafa belongs to his father Mirza Yousaf Baig. She refused to tell accept if there was any helping hand of Mirza to make her host of famous PTV program MEENA BAAZAAR.  During the press conference Ayesha Sana actually asked the executives of this country, including Prime Minister, President, Information Minister and other authorities to do a just step for her and her child as she was demanding the legal rights of her child. She asked Mirza through his press conference to accept and officially declare that Mirza Mustafa Baig is his son and to award all the legal rights to his son.

Yousaf Baig Mirza who is the managing director of DUNYA TV these days and is famous for his scandalous behavior has avoided responding to these allegations by his wife. It is to be remembered that Yousaf Baig Mirza has already been hot in news as a journalist named Maheen Usmani actually alleged her for harassing her to have direct contact with Mirza. Maheen reported to higher authorities but no action was taken, instead Mirza was said to be the head of investigations of cases like these. Yousaf Baig Mirza is one of the finest media tycoons in Pakistan and is fast friend of Asif Ali Zardari, the president of Pakistan.

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