Energy crisis in Pakistan and its solutions

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Pakistan is facing a big and serious energy crisis which is increasing with the passage of time and the government of Pakistan has remained fail to control this and fix this issue. In spite of the growing ratio of economical growth in the entire world, Pakistan is stuck with the same energy crisis specifically from the last 5 years. Government has conducted many National Energy Conferences on provisional and national level, but they all are in vain. In this conference, the government authorities just use to talk about the methods to control the energy crisis in country and the masses have dejected over extended outage of electricity energy. Although government has conducted many conferences before this to control the shortage of energy and all of them remained useless and this time, government authorities have also made a use less conclusion of this conference.

The country is going down fall and has plunged into the worst crisis of energy since 2007; it is because of the rising demand for electricity in the country. A study has told that the demand for electricity has entered into double digit figure following increasing sale of electrical and electronic appliances. The Pakistan Economic Survey for the year of 2003 and 2004 has told us that the consumption of electricity has increased by 8.6 per cent in the entire. People are now demanding and adopting more luxurious life style which has increased this demand. This survey has unveiled that the household sector is the biggest consumer of electricity which use to use almost 44.2 per cent of total the electricity consumption in the country. Where as industrial sector is using 31.1 per cent of electricity, agriculture sector is consuming 14.3 per cent, all other government sector are consuming 7.4 per cent, the commercial sector is liable to consume 5.5 per cent and the rest of 0.7 per cent is being consumed on the street lights.


The major management-related causes of the crisis are:

  • Management Information System (MIS) not fully utilized.
  • Failure to forecast and plan for the future.
  • Failure to set up new generating stations in time.
  • No new Transmission/Distribution networks & grid stations setup.
  • Unexpectedly rapid growth of load.


Solutions to cover-up Energy Crisis:

Line losses control:

This is the easiest way which can provide the relief on short term level. Pakistan is currently bearing losses up to 24% of its total power generated. These 24% losses include losses incurred during transmission and distribution as well as due to theft and the late night shifts of offices and markets. If government takes a step and reduces these to 10 % then we can save up to 300 MW of electricity which can be useful and ultimately the rates of electricity will be reduced.

Wind Energy:

Many countries have found wind energy a best substitute of electricity. America, China and Canada have done a lot of research and made developments to get energy from wind. After these countries, many other countries are also thinking to get electricity from wind. Pakistan should also develop such strategies to get energy from the wind, it will reduce the shortfall of electricity and the rates will also decrease automatically.

Solar Energy:

Solar energy is the ultimate and free source of energy. Pakistan is going down and the demand of electricity is increasing where as the supply is decreasing continuously. A very large part of the rural population does not have the facility of electricity because they are either too remote or it is found too expensive to connect their villages to the national grid station. Pakistan can easily utilize the solar energy although in some areas of Pakistan this kind of energy is becoming common, but still there are a lot of things to be done in the real world, in the major cities of Pakistan.

Coal Potential in Pakistan:

Pakistan is very rich in its natural resources and it comes at the 5th number in the entire world for having largest coal resources. The resources of coal in Pakistan are more than 185 Billion tones. With this huge and massive reserves of coal can help Pakistan in generating energy from coal. The annual report of WAPDA told that Pakistan is generating energy from coal not more than 0.79% where as the other developed countries are generating a huge amount from coal, as USA generates 56%, UK 58% and China is generating 81% of coal energy.

Hydro-electric power potential:

Pakistan has a massive possible opportunity to produce electric power from hydroelectric power plants.


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