Does Sensodyne Toothpaste makes teeth more Sensitive

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Sensodyne is a newly introduced brand of tooth paste which claims to reduce the sensitivity of teeth and also claims to make you able of getting rid from all type of teeth and oral problems. But recently, many people who have started using Sensodyne on the advice of their dentist or tried by themselves are saying that the tooth paste Sensodyne is claiming all fake and it is causing more sensitivity in their teeth.

Its price is very reasonable and affordable which make people eager to use it and people who have dental or oral problem, they just think to repair and protect their teeth by using Sensodyne. Many users of Sensodyne have claimed that this tooth paste has given them a severe tooth ache instead of helping them in getting rid from sensitivity. Users of Sensodyne  have clearly swore that this toothpaste was giving them a toothache and sensitivity to hot, cold and sweet things which was previously not there. And thus finally they people have stopped using Sensodyne when they came to know the reality.

The truth is, Sensodyne helps people fighting for their oral problems till the time they are using the Sensodyne, but after very few days they left using this tooth paste, their sensitivity become more severe and unbearable. A user of Sensodyne said that,

“When I first started using it about once a week my gums and cheeks would peel and skin would come off. I thought that was normal do to changing toothpastes, but I found out that it shouldn’t do that. Later I started getting these little white bumps on my gums, the sensitivity just got more worse, then later on my gums started burning I didn’t know why because I brushed my teeth and flossed everyday”

The reason is, Sensodyne has many chemicals in it which aim is to protect people’s teeth and it does not have any natural element which other tooth pastes have, like salt, lemon and other natural elements.

But in my opinion we should avoid using each  tooth paste which have Potassium Nitrate in it, which is the agent that supposedly reduces the sensitivity, as I’ve even tried Tom’s of Maine sensitive toothpaste and gotten the same reaction. Better to try plain old toothpastes and live with the occasional pain in one tooth than a mouthful of troubles. Others have asked, and the question is valid: How is this garbage legal to be marketed and sold as some anti-sensitivity toothpaste?


  1. brett December 4, 2012 at 3:05 pm - Reply

    I’ve definitely noticed this problem. When I went to visit my family for 6 days and stopped using sensodyne for 3 days (didn’t bring my regular toothpaste with me) the pain was unbearable (cold, hot, sugar, citrus) and my teeth were severely more sensitive than they had ever been!!!!
    This toothpaste is replacing a chemical in your teeth. That is, of course what flouride does as well, replaces a chemical component of your teeth.
    I hope and pray that I can find a way to stop using this toothpaste and that the damage is NOT permanent!! I’m researching ways to get away from this toothpaste.

  2. Aarti June 12, 2013 at 4:24 pm - Reply

    This is true when i left using sensodyne it created more sensitivity.These companies who are producing this garbage their licence should be cancelled.I am already a patient and suffering from spinal cord prob and now i hv to bear this sensitivity.The company should be punished severly they r playing with consumers.

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