Pakistan International Airline (PIA) and Its Fare

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Pakistan International Airline is the Pakistan’s largest company giving air travel facility to the people of Pakistan. It is the Pakistan oldest company with Pakistan’s flagship which was incorporated in 1955.

History of Pakistan International Airline:

The development in air transport is a proof that the whole nation is also moving forward for the development and it is, exactly, the dream seen by Muhammad Ali Jinnah. In the month of October of 1946 on 23rd, an airline with the name Orient Airways Ltd. came into existence. The initial routes of this air ways were Karachi –Lahore- Peshawar, Karachi- Quetta –Lahore and Karachi-Delhi Dacca. But unfortunately this was a private company with limited resources due to which it was unable to work independently, and thus on January 10th of 1955, it merged with Government of Pakistan through the PIAC Ordinance. The new name given to this air way was, Pakistan International Airline (PIA), which become Pakistan’s first international air travel service provider.

After this, the government purchased new planes, hired new staff and management, and made new Directors to run this company. With its reliable and unmatchable services given to the customer, PIA become the most favorite air traveling company of people and become their first priority of traveling. Mr. Zafar Ul Ahsan was the foremost Managing Director of PIA. It becomes world’s frontline air line carrier in the era of Air Commodore Nur Khan who was the Managing Director of Pakistan International Airline from 1959 to 1965. This period has been considered as the “Golden years of PIA”. On 29th April, 1964, with a Boeing 720B, PIA earned the distinction of becoming the first airline from a non-communist country to fly into the People’s Republic of China. PIA’s first service to China was from Karachi to Shanghai via Canton. In 1964-65, PIA expanded its fleet further with the addition of a fourth Boeing 720B and two Fokker F-27s. Serious development had become a reality and the PIA team continued to move ahead with ambitious plans and goals for the national flag carrier.

Pakistan International Airline gives the best Hajj and Umrah Operations in the country:

PIA, Pakistan’s national airline, operates an extensive two-month Hajj operation each year, to and from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Hajj is the sacred pilgrimage undertaken by Muslims from the entire world in the Holy month of Zilhaj, which is the 12th month of the Islamic calendar. Hajj is one of the most religious fundamental pillars of Islam and each eligible Muslim want to offer this. Muslims endowed with good health and the economic means to undertake the pilgrimage, perform this sacred duty at least once in their life time. Hajj is the largest congregation of the faithful in recorded history. Over the last 1400 years, Muslims from across the world, assemble in the House of Allah in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. Every year, PIA also schedules special flights on the Pakistan- Jeddah-Pakistan sector to serve pilgrims on their way to Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah.

A complete list of the Fares of PIA for the year of 2012:

If you are planning to travel through PIA to your destination, it is important to know about the fare of that destination which PIA will be charging.

ORIGIONDESTINATIONFARE in Pak rupee, (an approximate amount)
Lahore/ Islamabad/ KarachiAbu Dhabi, U.A.E.Rupees 28, 000 to rupees 55, 000
Lahore/ Islamabad/ KarachiAl Ain, U.A.E.Rupees 28, 000 to rupees 55, 000
Lahore/ Islamabad/ KarachiAmsterdam, Netherlands* not available yet
Lahore/ Islamabad/ KarachiBahawalpur, PakistanRupees 3, 000 to rupees 5, 000
Lahore/ Islamabad/ KarachiBahrain, BahrainGilgit, Pakistan* not available yet
Lahore/ Islamabad/ KarachiBangkok, ThailandIstanbul, Turkey* not available yet
Lahore/ Islamabad/ KarachiBarcelona, SpainFrankfurt, Germany* not available yet
Lahore/ Islamabad/ KarachiBeijing, ChinaHong Kong, China* not available yet
Lahore/ Islamabad/ KarachiColombo, Sri LankaCopenhagen, Denmark

Dalbandin, Pakistan

Delhi, India

* not available yet
Lahore/ Islamabad/ KarachiDubai, U.A.E.Rupees 28, 000 to rupees 55, 000
Lahore/ Islamabad/ KarachiFaisalabad, Pakistan
KarachiIslamabad, PakistanRupees 8, 500 to rupees 16, 000
Lahore/ IslamabadKarachi, PakistanRupees 5, 000 to rupees 17, 000
Lahore/ Islamabad/ KarachiMumbai, IndiaRupees 24, 000 to rupees 40, 000
Lahore/ Islamabad/ Karachi





Muscat, OmanNew York, USA

Oslo, Norway

Paris, France

Sharjah, U.A.E.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Tokyo, Japan

Toronto, Canada

Urumqi, China

Zahedan, Iran

* not available yet






Lahore/ Islamabad/ KarachiQuetta, PakistanRupees 5, 000 to rupees 9, 000

Pakistan International Airline has recently increased almost all the domestic and international fares on account of fuel price hike adjustment. And thus the new fare for this flight has not yet published by the Pakistan International Airline.


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