Meera Scandals and English of Meera

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Meera is working in Pakistan film industry as a model and actress for more than ten years and has worked in many films in Pakistan and also in some of Indian films. Meera is her adopted name in the film industry; where as her real name is “Irtiza Rubab”, who was born in the Gulberg area in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. She is daughter of a well known Goldsmith, Manzoor Hussain and her mother was a teacher and educationalist named, Syeda Shafqat Zahra. In her siblings, there are two brothers and two sisters (Including Meera). She was born in 1976 on 24th of July, and till the date, she is 35 years old and going to be of 36 years in the month of July of 2012.

The first movie done by Meera was “Main Akely Hoon” which was released in 1995 in Urdu language. In the same year, she worked in another Urdu movie name, “Raat Din Payar Karo”. After this, she worked in a lot of movies and did work in many different movies in 1996, but she did not work in any movie in 1997 and after the break of one year, she again appeared in five movies in 1998. And till the time, she has worked in many movies in which Urdu movies, Punjabi movies and some Indians movies are included. Her first movie in India was “Nazar” which released in 2004 and in this movie she worked as Divya and her hero was Ashmit Patel, directed by Soni Razdan. In the same year, she worked in another Indian movie, “Kasak”. After this she worked in two more Indian movies in 2009 and recently her another movie from India is going to be release with a name “Paanch Ghantay Main Paanch Crore”. And in this year, Meera’s an Urdu movie will also release with a name “Ishq Khuda”.

Scandals and Controversies of Meera!

The first scandal appeared in news regarding Meera was of a Kiss. According to the news and resources, Meera was responsible to shoot a kiss scene with Sir Taji in Mahesh bhatt’s movie Nazar, which was her first movie in India in 2004. She received many death threats for doing such scenes in Indian movies. The former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Shaukat Aziz then gave her surety of full protection and safety. With this security and protocol, Meera returned to Pakistan safely. After returning to Pakistan, she stood for her self saying, “I have not done anything wrong, I am just fulfilling the requirements of my profession and the people are spreading rumors about me which are not true”. Mahesh Bhatt, Indian film producer, also stand for Meera and requested to the former president of Pakistan, Pervez Musharaf to defend Meera for the cause of developing good relations between Pakistan and India.

The other controversy appread in Meera’s life and career was about her marriage. She married to a business man of Pakistan, Atiq Ur Rehman on some short term agreement. She registers a FIR that her husband, in fact her Ex husband, is threatening her and on her complaint, police arrested Atiq Ur Rehman. Meera claimed in one of her interviews that her husband was defamed by one of Indian directors to do this.

Another scandal came in the way of Meera was about having two passports with her and she was caught at the Karachi airport for keeping two passports with her. She appeared in the Lux Style Award.

The best of Meera’s English!

Meera always remained a point of attention for speaking and she use to get special attention when she speaks English. There are many videos caught the interest of viewers in which Meera has spoken best of her English. The first video released about her English has made many new fans for Meera and may be this was the reason that Meera did not stop speaking English and made a lot of more attempts to speak English in her interviews, talks and shows.


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