Bacha Khan International Airport, Peshawar

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Bacha Khan International Airport” was “Peshawar International Airport”, previously. It is situated in the Peshawar city which is placed in one of Pakistan’s provinces named, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. This international air port is just on a drive of 10 minutes from the central position of Peshawar and comes on 4th place among the busiest air ports in the entire Pakistan as at the top there is Allama Iqbal International Airport from Lahore, Punjab. The new name of Peshawar International Air port was first suggested in the current year and it was changed in the year of 2012 on 27th January. It is renamed on the name of a Pashtun Political leader, Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, who is also known as Bacha Khan.

Bacha Khan International Air Port is 180 kilo meter away from the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad. It is the most valuable air port in the history of Pakistan as compared to the other air ports in Pakistan. In 1927, the British Empires used to travel through this air port in their air crafts and mostly they used to travel towards the East or towards the West. This is the reason that Peshawar got a nick name as, “The Gate way to the East”, as it use to give a bridge to link the modern culture. The more importance given to this air port was after the independence of Pakistan from the British Raj.

This air field was in use by the Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan and also by the Air Force of Pakistan for the civil and military operations. This historical air port got the identity of being International Air Port in 1965 after the first flight which was operated from Kabul, Afghanistan to Peshawar. In 1981, the Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan extended its terminal to increase its value by giving more space to passengers. After this in 2008, government took decision to expand the area of the Bacha Khan International Air Port.

The runway of the Bacha Khan International Air Port is 9000 feet long which become 2700 in meters and the Bacha Khan International Air Port is 150 feet wide which becomes 46 in meters. It is in use by the passengers and cargos. 75% flights from this air port are international and 30% of flights lands with in the Pakistan from the Bacha Khan International Air Port. Once again the Bacha Khan International Air Port is under discussion to have some more expansion for the purpose to make it more compatible for the civil services operated by the Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan. This historical air port of Peshawar has given a lot of facilities to its passengers. The Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan is currently working with the government to make this air port internationally recognized by making some more constructive and fundamental development in this air port.

Currently, six flights are suspended in Peshawar on temporary basis due to some security issues in Pakistan as, the Air Port has beard a rocket attack in 2009 in the month of Pakistan’s independence, August. The suspended air lines were of Saudi Arabian Airlines, Emirates Air lines, Air Arabia, Gulf Air, Etihad Air ways and Qatar Air ways. All these six air lines beard a temporary suspension which was resumed its services in the city and a new air line, RAK Air ways, also got its services at the Bacha Khan International Air Port.

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