Gun fire in wedding ceremony

admin April 6, 2012 0

People have done gun fire in air very blindly in the wedding ceremony of Asif in the area of Nawa Kot and 35 years old man has lost his life as a result of this firing. Gun firing has become very common in Pakistan in the time of any celebrations and especially at the time of wedding ceremonials. Although government has put a restriction on doing firing in such ceremonies but still people are not taking it serious and as a consequence, many use to lost their lives or some of them use to get serious injuries in such activities. People don’t care about their own lives and in same they don’t even think about the lives of others who become stake holders in such activities. In Pakistan, it has been a custom that many relatives and friends use to get together at the time of wedding and this includes children too.

Recently, there was a ceremony of “Mehndi” of Asif in the area of Nawa Kot in which many of his relatives were present to attend this function. All the friends and relatives of Asif were celebrating this function but they never knew that their happiness will take some one’s life. According to the police resources, Asif and his family were celebrating the function of Mehndi at his home and they were doing fire working in this function. Mean while, Asif’s brother Rafique started doing gun fire in the air. Abdul Sattar was standing on his roof to see and enjoy this function and he was un-aware from the fire which came to him sum where from the air. A bullet went across his body and he lost his life on the spot. Although there is no substitute on the life of one’s but still the people have become very pathetic. The family of Asif has run away from the spot instead of consoling to the family of Abdul Sattar. It is even against the laws of government and also against the laws of Islam to harm some one’s life and government has also put a restriction on such celebrations and it is forbidden to do gun fire in air. Police was not aware of this and they even bother to stop such activities and this is why the family of victim Abdul Sattar has demanded to take an action against the police and against the family of Asif.

When police came to know about this incident, they came on the spot and they sent the dead body for the Postmortem. After this they handed over the dead body to the family of Abdul Sattar. But the real sad thing is, police remained unsuccessful in arresting the guilty person. The family of Abdul Sattar is demanding from the government authorities to arrest the guilty person and also to take action against the police who remained ineffective in stopping such celebrations.

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