A strange protest by a woman in Liberty Lahore againt Jali Peer

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In Gulberg Lahore, a woman has done a strange protest. A woman climbed on electric dowel in liberty Lahore. She was actually doing a protest against a fake scholar (Jali amil/ Peer) who has spoiled her and has done a fraud with the woman. Lahore city is always famous for its unique people who most of the times come with the new ideas of protest to get their right, right of justice and right of integrity. But most of the people use to adopt such ways of protest which become harmful for the others, but this lady has come with a peaceful protest and has demanded to police and government of Pakistan to do justice with her. Pakistani people are now aware with their right of protesting against some unfair act which happened with them. Protesting has become a most adopted way to get your right in the present government who has declared itself as a Democratic Government.

Fake scholars (Jali amil/ Peer) have looted many people in different cities of Pakistan and they have made it their business to get money from the innocent people by doing unfair acts with them. Arshad Bibi also has the same story that has been spoiled by the fake scholar (Jali amil/ Peer). Arshad Bibi has told her story as that Ashraf, who is a fake scholar (Jali amil/ Peer), has married to her with force. Arshad Bibi is resident of Manga Mandi and she has been spoiled by Ashraf who calls himself a scholar but after this incident, most of the people have came to know that Ashraf is nothing more than a fraud. Arshad Bibi and two other women have been become victim of this fake scholar. Arshad Bibi clim on an electric dowel and was asking fro the justice from government of Pakistan and from the police authorities.

Arshad Bibi was also having a bottle full of petrol and was trying to attempt suicide. Mean while police came on the spot and they assure Arshad Bibi that she will get justice and then they become successful in taking her with them. Police has registered a FIR against the fake Peer Ashraf and has started its investigation. There were many other women who were with Arshad Bibi in her strange protest.

This protest by Arshad Bibi has been considered as the second strangest protest in the history of Lahore city. Police now has started its investigation and has assured her that they will help her in getting justice as she has this right. But the government of Pakistan should take it seriously and they should do strict actions against Ashraf and other fake scholar (Jali amil/ Peer) like him as they are spoiling the lives of innocent ladies by giving them some thing alcoholic. This business is becoming more common in the entire country and if we see the history, we will come to know million of such fraudulent acts by fake scholar (Jali amil/ Peer).

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