Water pollution in Pakistan

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Water is the key for survival and for the existence of life, but this precious water lost all the way through the mismanagement for the most part. Water pollution occurs when situations came, in which some useless and harmful material, substance or else a number element in the form of energy gets in the water in a greater extent than can be tolerated by humans, plants, or animals. This pollution can not be tolerated until you get some side effects of this material and without suffering from several kinds of harms and diseases. Life under water is damaged due to the polluted material which most of the factories are sending to the rivers and canals. An immense investment in the repair of existing dams and the large scale construction of new water storage is simple solution of this problem. Almost all the water resources of Punjab have been spoiled by the waste material of different factories. This waste material includes harmful chemicals which cause high rate of death among the life under water. It is very rare to see these fishes now in the rivers of Punjab. Water pollution is spoiling not only the water life; it is also harmful for the land life.

The running water resources are very precious in Pakistan, the Pakistani government should do balance with the competing demands between urban and rural, well-off and the meager, the economy and the environment. On the other hand, because people have them selves generated this problem and they are not cooperating with government in cleaning the water. Government and owners of factories can do it by changing their chemicals and sewerage systems. They should replace the harmful chemicals with some low king of chemicals. Government has the power to prevent water pollution from devastating Pakistan’s factories and economy, and by improving the sanitation system.

Water pollution is one of the most important fears not only to the public health in Pakistan, but it has also become a reason of death for the water life. Even the drinking water is not of that quality and its quality is poorly managed and monitored by the government. And they are not paying attention towards saving the life of water livings. WHO has tried to set some important quality parameters to check the quality of water set is regularly violated by the companies and factories in the Punjab. Human activities like improper disposal of municipal and industrial effluents and indiscriminate applications of agrochemicals in agriculture are the main factors contributing to the deterioration of water quality. Microbial and chemical pollutants are the main factors responsible exclusively or in combination for various health problems. Fishermen are also hunting fishes and as a consequence the fishes are becoming rarer.

The department of fish hunting has given some orders to the factories in order to maintain the quality of water in the rivers. The experts has told that the Baam, Sol and Singari kind of fishes have become rare in the pond beraj and the department of fish hunting has given some orders for the life of these kinds of fishes. According to the orders of Department of Environment, there are almost 1700 factories which are sending polluted material and harmful chemicals in the rivers. Under the act 1997 and under the canal act, there are the orders to do cancel the license of the guilty factories.

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