Funny Question paper of 9th Class on Zardari

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In the final exam of Urdu, Lahore board has asked two confusing question to the students of 9th class who were in examination hall to solve the paper of Urdu to get their 9th class clear. The question was like, “Who is responsible for saving the country Pakistan”? And the other question was “who is responsible for controlling the life system in Pakistan, Almighty Allah or the president of Pakistan Zardari”? These kinds of questions were asked in the final paper of Urdu to the students of 9th class in the Lahore board. In the year of 2012, more than 20 thousand students have been appeared in the board exams for 9th class. The paper of Urdu was on this Wednesday in which students remained confused on this puzzled question asked by the setter of paper. Even the well prepared students were in trouble at that time and they were thinking that whether they answer these questions in some kind of diplomatic way or they should answer it in truth by keeping in view the activities which Zardari has done for his country and people.

These kinds of questions has been asked to the young children of 9th class of both of students who have appeared in Morning or in Evening and these two questions have made students lost their confidence in their preparation as both of the questions were totally out of syllabus and course out line. Students of Morning session have talked to the media and told them that they were asked a question as Multiple Choice Question which was having some puzzled options to tick. The question was, “On what the system of life based”? Means “Nizam e Zindagi kis Par Qaim Hai”? And this question was having options; (a) Religion, (b) World, (c) Wealth and the last option was (d) Zardari Sahab. This was very strange for the students and they were confused at the time of ticking an option. The other question which was asked by other session is, “Who is the responsible for giving high security and safety to Pakistan”? Means “Pakistan Ki imedar Kaun Hai”? And the given options for this question were, (a) Almighty Allah, (b) President of Pakistan Zardari, (c) Prime Minister of Pakistan Mister Yousaf Raza Gillani, and the last option was (d) the Masses.

The chairman of Lahore Board has been asked for the reason that why they have included such questions in the final exam, either it was by mistake or they have done it specifically to make students get confused? He said in answer to this question that these both question papers have been set by the teachers of the Dera Ghazi khan Board not by the Lahore Board. And he more told that he himself has raised a voice for asking such questions.

The students and their parents have got angry form the paper setter on setting such kind of questions in which they have almost targeting the Islam by saying that who is responsible for the life, Almighty Allah or President of Pakistan Zardari? And also in other question by saying that who is the responsible for giving high security and safety to Pakistan, Almighty Allah, President of Pakistan Zardari, Prime Minister of Pakistan Mister Yousaf Raza Gillani, or the Masses. People were saying that including anyone else with the religion and Almighty Allah is totally the insult of Muslims of the entire world as how Zardari can be the responsible for giving life?

On the other side, when this was asked to the Minister of Punjab Education mister Mujtaba Shujaur Rehman, he said that a strict action will be take on this and the responsible person for adding such questions in final exam will get the reprisal. The Punjab Teachers Union (PTU) has also taken a strict action on this irresponsible act by the paper setter.

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