Advantages or disadvantages of Mobile phones

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If some one thinks that using a mobile phone don’t have any advantage, he is wrong. And, if some one thinks that using a mobile don’t have any disadvantage, he is wrong again. Using a mobile phone has loads of advantages with loads of disadvantages too. You can not find only good things about mobile phone and you can not even ignore its bad points.

In earlier days, when we used to go out of our home or office, we used to find out some PCO or search for a public telephone booth to make a phone call, but things have changed now, just pick up your mobile phone and dial and talk to your friends where ever on the earth. It’s not easy to list all the Pros and cons of using a mobile phone in a small post, but most of them have listed. In these days, cell phones are used for much more than communication, it’s used for playing games, searching the web; texting is the most famous use of mobile phone, capturing photos gives you fun, messaging, and much more you like. As Wireless Phones shave is much advanced, and so it have the circuits just inside of them and not outside. It used a method which switches your data from analog to digital, this act used to reduce the wattage of any cell phone’s output. The normal wattage is 1.2, but this feature reduces it to 0.6 and it works in reducing the threat of Brain Cancer.

Cell phone has become a necessity and an unforgettable thing for all the people of almost all the age. Now a day, people can not even think about having a life without life phone. But, using a mobile on the while driving or while crossing the road, can be a dangerous thing and it can cause accidents. But, it has become very common and almost all the people are doing this practice on the road. It is more dangerous when a driver is using mobile phone while driving; he put the life of all of the people who are on road in dangers. It can harm you very bad. But it have some advantage too, if you have a mobile phone in your hand, you can contact to your family if any thing serious and dangerous happened to you. And the camera in the mobile phone has made life more amusing and enjoyable. On the other hand, mobile cameras have taken your life towards the uncertainty. You don’t even notice and some one takes your picture without even letting you know. But, you are in ease in capturing some uncertain events which can happen any where at any time.

There are many things and many pros which make a mobile phone very useful and helpful in need.  We are living in an age where you can do almost every thing with your mobile. Wireless technology, in the form of mobile phone, is famous most than all other technologies invented in the world.

It seriously depends on your priorities whether you will use your mobile for good o for the bad ones. Texting is very famous and common thing among the youngsters. Although grown up people also do this but most of them prefer calling instead of sending a text message. Student’s life is totally disturbed with this texting thing. They are unable to pay attention to their studies; this is why the failure rate in every class has grown up. The mobile phone companies are the most beneficial and they are getting very high ranking among all the kinds of business of technology.

Teen-agers used to say that a mobile phone tells them the for the most part about a person’s social status or popularity. It can be used for outranking shopping and much more. Now you can even use your social network on your mobile and you can stay in touch with your friends and it is even easier and affordable now. The students also found that cell phones are fast and easy to use as they have more user friendly features. Mobile phones, without any doubt, are becoming a social necessity among teenagers.

It was a journey from talking to texting, in which texting has got more popularity. It has also completed a phase from logging on to social networking sites; in these sites, face book is the famous one and many teenagers and even children are found of this site. Now, if they don’t have any PC or laptop with them at their home, they are still in touch with their friends on these social sites and it is just because of cell phone or smart phone. Mobile phones now have changed their shape from a simple and ordinary mobile phone to iPhone and iPad etc. Teenagers used to carry their mobile phones with them to have access to their friends and family. Another important reason of using a mobile phone is to stay updated and to know all the current events. As luck would have it, some of the people used to hate the idea of a having a mobile phone with them and especially they hate the features that allows others to know their exact location while searching on such social sites.

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